1935-1945 HO Scale Modeller

Railroad Modeling in the Swing Era


Flat Car NC&StL 70260 with WC-52 Load Circa 1942-44

Tichy AC&F flat car with Roco Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton 4×4 Weapons Carriers circa 1942-44.

NC&StL 70260 Class FM 9 is upgraded with Kadee #158 couplers, scratch-built cut levers, air hoses, metal code 88 wheels and scratch-built correct load blocking. Reweigh date: March 1942. Weight: 3oz (note most underbody detail is covered with Liquid Gravity weight for optimal operating performance).

Roco Dodge WC-52 models modified with scratch-built windshields, foot pedals, gear shift, transfer case, and parking brake levers, dashboard details, folded tarp in bed, sideview mirrors. Early paint scheme without stars. This load is not removable.