1935-1945 HO Scale Modeller

Railroad Modeling in the Swing Era


My layout, started in 2008, will be completed soon with the last locomotive now on the workbench. It is a J3A Hudson, NYC 5405. Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse was featured in Model Railroad Planning 2015 and in Railroad Model Craftsman January 2020 and February 2022.

FILLMORE AVENUE ROUNDHOUSE circa 2022 – see the January 2020 Railroad Model Craftsman for an overview

I’m entirely happy with my layout and don’t want to change it.  I hope to continue to enjoy operating it with my friends.

Hudson 5290 at Fillmore Coaling Tower

I suppose a finished railway model is not that common as many get changed based on the owner’s new desires. Or, sadly, the builder passes away before it is completed. The so-called “life time hobby”. I know I will have some work to keep it up – maintenance and repairs. And there will always be small things to upgrade here and there. But I don’t think it will be enough.

L3a Mohawk 3010 at the inspection pits while other NYC steam locomotives are in the servicing circuit

So, this brings me here. I very much like the period 1935 to 1945 – the late Depression and Wartime years, or if you like the music of that time, the Swing Era. This blog is about what I find fascinating about railroading in that period. I hope you feel the same way.

Brass Westside Models (by Mizuno from 1978) J3a Hudson 5436 leaves the turntable on the way to the ready tracks

To keep my fingers busy, I will be building resin freight cars and motor vehicles, and maybe a locomotive or two. There will be postings on my model building along with some period information. My main interest is locomotives from this era.

An NYC USRA steel box car model made from a resin Westerfield kit

If you decide to spend some time here, I do hope you will find it worthwhile.

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Rick De Candido