It’s been some weeks since I experimented with storing Thin CA in a Tamiya paint jar, in order to make using it with a brush easier. Here is an update on how that has gone…

A standard 10ml jar was filled only about 1/8″ high with Thin CA – I still recommend this, rather than perhaps wasting a larger amount. The frosting of the closure seal insert continued over time and is quite heavy now. There were no effects on the closure itself, but the seal insert did stick to the jar neck when opening. It was easy to pry it off and replace inside the closure every time I used it. The jar, above the level of the filled CA, accumulated a crystal-like texture inside – this is evident in the photo below.

My brush is still in great shape. As it has been for years in CA application usage along with using it for other unfriendly media. The key is to keep the brush submerged into the CA when using it and cleaning it with de-bonder/remover as soon as the application is done.

Having Thin CA in a jar is very convenient for application; it is very much like using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement for polystyrene. It has made working with CA much easier, especially for small parts.

If I need to replace the crusty jar every couple of months or so, that is no issue as now I can re-use Tamiya paint jars when they are empty.