I would like to acknowledge Andrew Dahm of Westerfield Models (http://www.westerfieldmodels.com)…

Andrew supplies very fine resin model kits of classic freight cars. The castings are excellent and are very carefully packaged inside the kit box (and within the shipping box too).

He is very helpful and very responsive to my questions. I believe that he puts a lot of effort in all that he does there.

I find the Westerfield website to be very comprehensive and easy to use. It has much useful information like a listing of what trucks were used with what prototypes. I like the great selection of models and how they cover variations over different eras. I like the security and convenience of paying with PayPal. I very much like how I can order trucks and couplers with a kit.

But, especially, I very very much like how Andrew says “thank you” – I hardly ever get that from my other model suppliers.

Thank You, Andrew, for wonderful kits and exceptional service!