I have an old 15/0 paint brush that gets used for applying thin CA – for example, to glue down the .006″ diameter air line of the retainer valve to a box car end.

Obviously, the difficulty in doing this is speed in application before the bristles glue themselves together. I have many times restored this solidified brush end using a CA de-bonder. It takes time to loosen the hairs up, but it does work.

But now I apply a drop of de-bonder when I dispense a drop of thin CA. As soon as I have finished applying the thin CA, I clean the brush. Cleaning it right away takes a lot less time.

It seems that this brush is practically indestructible; one of my tools that seems to last and last.

TIP: When using a brush with thin CA, I find it’s good to keep the bristles in the glue when not brushing to prevent them from bonding solid.