The pleasure of modeling is greatly enhanced with excellent tools. The Tamiya Pin Vise (#74050) is an investment in modeling pleasure. A couple of years ago I decided to try it – my old Excel and Kadee tools now seem like cheap imitations. And they are.

Why is this so much better?

  • Nicely weighted, much more so than the others
  • Higher quality more precise jaws
  • Very fine thread allows for more easily & tightly held drill bits
  • Holds drill bits from .10mm[.004″] to 3.20mm[.125″]
  • Larger for a better grip – at least for my hand

I have one dedicated for #80 (.0135″) and #79 (.0145″) drill bits and another for larger sizes. The second one will provide a pristine replacement jaw for the smallest bits if needed in the future.

To identify this as my pin vise for #80 and #79 drill bits I added a band of white tape.

Tamiya offers a version with a rubber-like grip on the barrel (#74112), otherwise I believe it is the same.

I’m not on the Tamiya payroll…really…I just find all their products to be well engineered and worth the extra cost…honest 🙂