In making a modification to an Alsacast Sherman tank resin kit, I tried Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type #87051-400. This is new to me although I believe that it has been around for a while.

In the past, I have used Milliput Putty which is similar as a two part mix. Tamiya offers a more refined product. This kind of putty is used to make shapes, kind of like modeling clay. It can be shaped when pliable and sanded after hardening.

How to use:

  • Take equal parts of the white and tan and mix/knead until the color is uniform, a light tan.
  • A little water on the fingers helps the putty from sticking.
  • Apply where needed and shape – I have read that Quick Type hardens is less time (4-5 hours) over the regular type (12 hours), so one has lots of time to work it into shape.
  • Shaping can be done with a an old paint brush, a toothpick or a piece of round brass rod as I did below. Add a little water when the putty starts to stick to the tools.
  • I used rubbing alcohol for clean up, although I also used lacquer thinner on the paint brush.

In modifying an Alsacast M4 Sherman, I wanted to change the early style final drive assembly to a late sharp type. This is the early 3-piece bolted final drive assembly (front end).

The late final drive assembly casting is 1-piece with a “sharp” profile.

I applied the Tamiya Epoxy Putty to the model after unwanted 3-piece details were removed. I worked it close to the desired shape, yet slightly larger so I could sand/blend it into the model. It had a smooth texture – much better, in my opinion, than Milliput.

It dried after 4-5 hours, but I did not sand it until the following day. I used 220-320-400-600 grits and the putty behaved well. here is the result.

Another quality product from Tamiya.