I like to use a handle for painting railroad cars.  It protects stirrup steps, air hoses, and brake details from accidentally being crushed if I put the model down on them.  I do install the brake staff for painting, but I seem to be subconsciously careful of that. When I lay the car on its roof, I do so on a foam mat, with the brake staff hanging of the edge.

I clamp this to my tabletop edge for drying.  The handle is made of K&S brass strip .016” thick x ¼” wide with a hole for No.2-56 truck screw at each end.  Length and bend to suit.

UPDATE: I had failed to mention that I use 1/2″ long screws to hold the handle. The tapped holes are also that deep. I build up a suitable small block, on the inside of the floor, using styrene and then tap thru. The reason for the longer screws is to take the forces of normally manipulating the relatively heavy model via the handle. Short screws may not have enough engagement with the result of stripping the threads. They also do tend to work themselves loose in use.