Our build continues with airbrushing Tamiya XF-72 Brown JGSDF for the cabin interior surfaces of the chassis.  I do not paint the interior of the body with this color, opting instead to use the exterior body color inside for ease.

Then, the exterior body color Tamiya XF-80 Royal Light Grey is sprayed carefully on the wheels and body.  This represents Nash’s Ghost Grey color offered in 1941. Be sure to spray the model from all angles as the detail on Sylvans is crisp and self-masks easily.

The previously painted cabin area and wheel rims are masked for the next airbrushing operation.  I use Tamiya 6mm and 10mm tape cut into short segments on the cabin interior and “blue-tack” or tacky putty on the wheel rims.  Just roll a small amount of putty into a ball and press it into the wheel, working it out to cover the rim. The turquoise spots are Vallejo Liquid Mask to fill in some openings.

Both the putty and Tamiya Tape are low tack and should not lift the paint, especially if primer was applied underneath.

If the body has a two-tone paint scheme, then I would do masking the same way, but some intricate areas might call for a liquid mask – I use Vallejo Liquid Mask 70.523.  The 1941 Nash had an optional two-tone scheme, but subject model does not have one.  It is a mundane family sedan.

When ready, I airbrush Tamiya NATO Black (XF-69), which is really a very dark grey, to the chassis overall, including the tires.

While this is drying, I brush paint the details on the body.  Fortunately, Pre-War cars do not have a lot of chrome trim, unlike the automobiles of the 1950’s.  I use Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum with a fine-tipped brush for any such trim work.  If there are any taillights, I use a little Tamiya XF-7 Flat Red for the lens.

When the chassis is dry, I remove the masks and detail brush paint the hubcaps and any interior items.

The next step is to seal in the paint – on the chassis I airbrush Winsor & Newton Galeria Matt Varnish (see Category: TIPS-TOOLS), an acrylic clear flat. For a sheen, the body gets airbrushed with an equal mixture of Vallejo Gloss Varnish 70.510 and Satin Varnish. I think a slight sheen/shine is nice for an automobile in this scale, but a full-on gloss does not look right to me.